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We at Learningua.com offer a plethora of courses to chose from Leading Universities, Training Institutes, Cultural Institutions and Expert Trainers from around the world. All this with just one click, through our Live Online Modules and Practice Sessions which can be paced at one's own convenience to learn more effectively. Our team ensures that once you are with us on board, you get access to all essential aspects online through mobile, tablet, desktop or systems perfectly blending your learning with your day to day lifestyle. Learning with us is joyful and an experience in itself at every step. The objective is to ensure life long learning and not just providing mere information. It's your one stop point to avail the best opportunity and come up with innovative ideas to cut the edge in the market today.

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Enroll Now- Browse through our list of courses to catch the excitement and update about the latest in your field. While the courses may vary in length, they are best designed to meet the latest skill set needed by the industry. Some of them are for 6-10 weeks while the others are short prim for about 2-3 weeks. You get to chose as per your convenience. What's more? You can now invite your friends and colleagues too through whatsapp or our social media platforms. Enroll Today!

Perhaps your students might want to invite their friends or Colleagues to take part with them? They can do this via email and social media when They join.

Your Get Started- The First Step to a Brighter Tomorrow

Once you enroll with us you get a unique id and password. A link will appear on Your courses Dashboard and take you to the next step of To Do list. The Learningua.com courses are divided into weeks which come with various activities that the student must aim to complete within that week. Each module is built from a sequence of straightforward steps, to make learning more meaningful and effective. Each week is also given a descriptive name, so you always know what’s expected, you can even navigate between them, to see what’s coming up, or catch up from the beginning if you missed out at any point of time.

Learningua.com courses are divided into weeks. These contain various activities that you should aim to complete within the week, each one built from a sequence of straightforward steps, to help you learn. Each week is given a descriptive name, so you always know what’s expected, and you can even navigate between them, to see what’s coming up, or catch up from the beginning if you’re late starting.

Videos, Audio & Articles

The best part about learning with us, is learning through live sessions led by expert trainers, online learning videos, recorded audio articles, which are followed by a series of short yet meaningful quiz to check on every milestone.

Comments in the Margin

Every Article, Video or Audio has a space to allow the learners to comment and ask questions. This appears in the margin area on large screens and is visible below on smaller screens. Learners can discuss topics by connecting with each other and inturn get guidance and answers to questions at every step. They can simply join by clicking on the comment button visible on the screen.

The Switch Button

There is a switch at the end of each step that allows you to mark it as complete. This updates your ‘To do’ list, however leaving the switch off does not prevent you from moving on to the next step. In case at any step you are not sure and would like to go back, the option is always open. You can come back any time.


This is an integral part of the learning process with us. Speaking on topics and learning from fellow students encourages confidence, brings in new ideas to the table and at the end one has a concrete and comprehensive structure ready. Be a part of this enthralling platform and speak your mind!


Want to find out what everyone is talking about right now? Learners can visit the "Course Activity" page to see what questions they can answer and which topics are most debatable. This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking answers and willing to talk.

Response Section

Once learners start commenting, they’ll probably get replies from other learners which are visible under the Response Section. You’ll also get email notifications ensuring that you never miss a reply.

Follow Up

This is the most interesting part as the learners get to follow fellow learners and collaborate the learnings on that topic. They also get to follow their like minded section people for better understanding and follow them too.

Take Our Quiz

One interesting part of the activity is the Quiz. It is the best chance to pause and check how well the learners have understood the key points from the previous video or article before they step ahead. There are no scores attached to the quiz as they are mere remediation tools to check how much a learner has understood and bridge the learning gap wherever needed. We believe learning is a non-ending process and the best way to make it sequential and concrete is a QUIZ!


Once the payment process is complete, the learners will be able to take the tests. The only difference between the Quiz and Test is the score board. Tests come with a score as they now become more focussed at this step and are limited to three tries. The learners score three points if they get a question right first time, two on their second attempt and one on their third.


Many of our courses also offer learners the opportunity to do assignments and get feedback from other learners pursuing the same course. Each assignment comes with clear instructions about how to write or create your assignment, as well as give constructive feedback to others. It’s a great opportunity to put what they have learnt, into practice and get quick tips on how to improve at every step.

Course Completion

Once the learners have finished their course, and if they have upgraded and met the requirements for a Certificate, they will receive a digital certificate and later a printed certificate to help they demonstrate their learning. They can upgrade later too once they have completed the course. If learners upgrade they will be able to go back and complete any tests in order to earn a certificate.

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Learning with us is exciting and enthralling and hence our learners are motivated to enroll for the next course

Our partners

"We are a private company completely owned by ‘International Centre for Advance Studies and Research’. With over 9 years of experience in Distance Learning and Online Education we assure each Learner Quality and Commitment at every step. We have over 150 partners from around the world and these include some of the best International Universities and Institutions. The added advantage is the huge archive of cultural and educational material which is made available to all our Learners."

Our learners

"We launched our first set of online courses in 2013 and since then more than 1 million learners have visited learningua.com which is really heartening for us. We have always aimed to craft a high quality product which is perfectly tailored to meet our learners’ needs. We are always open to new ideas and thoughts so feel free to share your feedback with us. All you need to do is to click on the question mark bubble at the bottom right of every page or email us at feedback@learningua.com. We are prompt to respond to and address the most feedback and suggestions."

For all our Companies we follow same Missions and Visions


We started this initiative with a mission to enable every learner to Learn, Explore, Grow and Excel in their field and be all ready for the future. The most promising and commited aim that we believe in is giving the young buddy learners the much needed platofrm, an exposure to the 21st century skill set, nurture their innate talent and most of all an ambiance conducive to learning. This will help them move ahead and be the face of tomorrow. Technology is ever changing and so should the human mind be ready to adapt to it. This is the mission we took on.


We envision a society that is tech savy, willing to learn and adapt to changes and can make the best of Artificial Intelligence today. It is the need of the hour to be Critical Thinkers, Problem Solvers and Managers of programs which will shape the nation of our dreams. It is a small step we have taken no doubt but like they say every drop in the ocean counts! Learn, Explore, Grow and Excel is our goal.