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Scrum is an Administration and Control Process that slices through many-sided quality to concentrate on building Programming that addresses business issues. Administration and groups can get their hands around the necessities and advances, never let go, and convey working programming, incrementally and experimentally. It is a straightforward structure for powerful group cooperation on complex programming ventures. Scrum Developer Professionals is one of the most sought after prestige in IT industry these days.

Scrum Developer Professionals is a 3-day Course where understudies make up a whole Scrum Team where they simultaneously do necessities Building, Outline, Improvement, Testing, Combination and sending inside a solitary cycle.

  • Mixed learning Conveyance Display (self-managed e-learning as well as teacher drove choices)
  • Course, classification, and all-get to estimating
  • Venture class learning Administration Framework (LMS)
  • Improved Announcing for people and groups

Benefits of a Scrum Developer Certification

  1. Get a strong base of Scrum Information
  2. Change your attitude
  3. Remain Significant and Attractive
  4. Scrum Accreditation Benefits your Association
  5. Impact your Association to receive an Agile Technique
  6. Work better close by your companions
  7. Demonstrate your Center Scrum learning to peers
  8. Join a group of Scrum Specialists
  9. Win ventures with Qualified Representative
  10. A symbol of Respect

Exam Format for Scrum Certification

The test includes 35 different options Questions and to satisfy Scrum Master Confirmation prerequisites, you should get at least 24 correct. You won't take the test amid the two-day course. Or maybe, you can take the test whenever after the course.


Audience Profile

The Scrum Developer Professional Course is proposed for all individuals from a Scrum Development Team; Engineers, Software Engineers, Database Designers, Analyzers, and others with some Specialized Information.

How to Apply

You can Register for free on ScrumVersity.com and apply for the Scrum Certification Exam.

Maintaining Certification of Scrum

In order to maintain the Certification status of Scrum, Scrum Developer Professional is required to earn 25 re-Certification credits in every 3 years.