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Can we appear for the PMP certification exam from home?


We are currently dealing with harsh times, with the onset of a novel corona virus, the world is currently in chaos and people are adjusting with the times. The education sector is the most challenged today but with advancements in technology and AI, the sector is coping up strongly with the current times. With the lock down going on, and more and more people are at their homes the companies are trying to deliver their products without any hindrances and interruptions.


The Project Management Professional Certification is governed by the Project Management Institute and can be taken through the Pearson VUE tests centres. But with the pandemic going on, the centres were closed across many locations. But for the aspiring candidates the Project management Institute has released great news that confirms the candidates who are interested in taking the PMP certification, they can do so from the comfort of their homes and the PMP test can be accessed online. The candidates will now be able to schedule their Project management test online and may continue their professional development journey from their home or office. The Project Management Professional qualification can be taken over the web and if you have any confusion regarding the same then you have come to the right place. 

In this paper, we are going to discuss how one can take the Project Management Professional exam online and what PMP certification preparation and training options they can choose in order to get certified with the Project management qualification. 

First and foremost let us understand and look at the ways that one needs to take in order to get certified with the Project management Professional qualification through the newly introduced online plan.


How to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam online?

The online mode for taking the Project management qualification was introduced to ease the certification process at such times when we are in the middle of a pandemic crisis. To ensure that the professional growth of a candidate does not get affected, the Project Management Institute has established the online pathway for getting certified with the Project Management qualification. 

The testing methods introduced to ease the qualification process over the web are similar to the ones that were there before the onset of the novel corona virus. However, some additional benefits are introduced as a part of the new plan through which the certification has taken an online way for testing the professionals as far as PMP qualification is concerned.

So for taking the online exam the candidates need to make sure that they have the following things before opting for the PMP exam through online mode:

  • Firstly, strong internet connectivity is mandatory in order to take the online examination for Project Management.

  • Secondly, the candidates must have their own PC or a tablet.


Unlike the In-person PMP examination, where the candidate needs to find the Pearson centre and to finalise the exam schedule, in the PMP certification exam online, there is more flexibility as the candidate does have the option of taking the exam from anywhere and at any time.

There are certain elements that play a crucial role in the online examination of the Project Management Professional qualification. These elements are as follows:

  • Internet connectivity - an internet connection is necessary for taking the online exam for PMP.

  • Computer with a webcam - a computer with a webcam is necessary in order to take the Project management professional qualification through the online mode.

  • A room - a quiet place is necessary in order to take the PMP examination in order to keep disturbances at bay.


The PMP examination conducting body remains the same which is Pearson VUE. 

After having fulfilled all the requirements that are needed in order to take the PMP certification, the aspiring candidates can go for the PMP certification training and can schedule their online examination through your PMI profile. The examination scheduling steps in the online exam remain the same as in the offline mode. The candidates can schedule an online proctor testing option. As far as the PMP examination is concerned, a candidate must first ensure that they have at least 35 professional development units (PDUs) that are required in order to schedule the examination. Once you have the required PDUs, you can proceed further with the scheduling of the online exam. Once your examination is scheduled, you can proceed further with your test and can get certified with the Project management professional certification.


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Training options for taking the online PMP examination

There are several online training options available for taking the PMP certification. In recent times the most feasible option to get certified with the PMP certification is through the online live virtual classroom training options. The online PMP certification training option is the most preferred option for getting certified with the PMP credential. The Project management professional qualification can be mastered through the online training mode.

  • The training allows candidates the scope through which they get familiar with the project management terminologies and methodologies that are required to get past the PMP examination.

  • The online training is delivered by the industry experts who are highly skilled and qualified to deliver the best in class tutoring sessions to the candidates.

  • The online training classes are highly pragmatic in nature and therefore it is the most suitable option in such times.

  • The trainers and the instructors are available to provide 24/7 assistance to the candidates over the online mode. 

  • As a candidate, you also receive a six months access to the entire PMP certification training online delivered to you so that you can always check with the recordings and can refer to the same in case of any need.


Some common Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we get some break during the online PMP exam?

Yes, you can avail a ten minutes break during the online PMP examination. The same break is offered during the examinations that are scheduled in the Pearson centres. 

What to do if met with any technical errors while taking the online exam?

You will receive assistance from the live proctor that will connect with you via phone and then can help you fix the issues that are creating hindrances in the online PMP certification exam.

Are there any other examinations that are offered online by the Project management institute?

There are several other examinations as well that are offered by the Project management institute such as PMI-ACP or CAPM certification exams.