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Comprehensive Information about the CISSP CERTIFICATION


CISSP: An Introduction 

The CISSP certification deals with the administration of information security and also offers a comprehensive insight into the security theory and management principles. It is a globally acknowledged certification that validates the knowledge and skills of a professional who is planning to take over the role of a security administrator, security consultant, security architect, security analysis and so on.

In today’s time, the information and data of an organization are under constant threat and to safeguard this valuable information and data the organizations need professionals who are certified to exercise total control and are able to deal with legal and regulatory issues that are related and associated with Information security. 


Through the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification, the professionals are able to understand the security system so as to get expertise in the handling and managing asset security and computer security. They are responsible for providing, designing, architecture, controlling and managing highly secure business environments.

The recognition garnered by the CISSP certification is commendable and those who acquire the certification will surely agree to this fact. One can kick start their information security career with the CISSP certification. 

Who should do the CISSP certification?

The Certified information systems security professional (CISSP) certification is a career-enhancing credential that offers great scope for the security professionals in their field of expertise. Anyone who fulfils the eligibility criteria laid by the International information system security certification Consortium (ISC) 2 can take the certification without giving any second thoughts. 

The CISSP credential is ideal career advancement for the following professionals:

  • IT consultants
  • IT managers
  • Security policy writers
  • Privacy security officers 
  • Information security officers
  • Network device administrators
  • Security device administrators
  • Security engineers
  • Security professionals


Cissp 8 Domains

CISSP Requirements, Eligibility criteria and Cost associated with the CISSP certification

All those who are interested in taking any certification must first consider the CISSP certification requirements because it is necessary to have the eligibility fulfilled in order to take the certification. The CISSP certification is governed by the International information system security certification consortium, commonly referred to as the (ISC)2. It regulates all the guidelines that are pertaining to the certified information systems security professional (CISSP) certification. 

According to the (ISC) 2, the interested professionals need to have the minimum experience that is required in order to take the CISSP certification. 

  • Every interested professional who wants to take the CISSP certification must have at least five years of experience in any two or more domains out of the eight domains that are tested in the certified information systems security professional (CISSP) certification. 
  • This experience needs to be non-overlapping and should be a recently acquired experience.
  • For all the graduates who have four years of bachelor’s education or any other educational equivalent that is globally accepted will be entitled to a one-year waiver as far as working experience in any two or more domains is concerned.

These are the basic requirements for the CISSP certification that one needs to fulfil before taking the CISSP certification. Nonetheless, the candidates who are interested in taking the CISSP certification can also do so without the experience but in this case, they will not be entitled to the CISSP tag at once. In this case, they will receive an Associate of (ISC)2 certification and once they acquire the required experience in the following 6 years they can then earn the CISSP certification. 

Moving further let us have a look at the CISSP certification cost to get an idea regarding how much monetary investment is required to take the CISSP credential. The total cost of the CISSP certification exam amounts to $699. This is a universal fee that a candidate pays for taking the CISSP examination.

CISSP Certification

What are the perks associated with taking the CISSP certification?

Getting the (ISC) 2 certified CISSP credential is an honor in itself. It also demonstrates your abilities and capabilities as a professional and you are able to get recognition for your work. The publicity you gather after taking the CISSP certification stands unmatchable. The employability also increases after taking the CISSP certification as every business in the world is under constant threat from the cybercriminals that prey upon an insufficient security system to gather valuable data and information. If you look at the job prospects, fields such as banking, national defense to online shopping, every other industry and domain require certified security professionals who are able to safeguard their systems from such threats and dangers.

As a cyber security professional you will have the right education, knowledge, backing, networking and support systems to eradicate all the crevices through which hackers could gain access to the systems. Not only the job of a security professional is a prestigious one but at the same time, it also is challenging in ways that you are in constant touch of learning and therefore is able to stay connected with the trends ongoing in the security industry. 

The perk of CISSP certification is as follows:

  • The CISSP certified candidates are able to better manage risk management for the organizations that are under constant threats from hackers across the globe. With great risk management strategies, the organizations across the world remain safe from falling prey to the frauds who are after the valuable information and data of the organization.
  • The CISSP certification holders are the best professional as far as information security is concerned. Not only are they the masters of security but at the same time, they stay connected with all the international security guidelines and also remain updated as far as the security threats and breaches are concerned.
  • The CISSP credential holders have a wider knowledge as far as information and system security is concerned. They are the professionals who are capable of handling various domains of IT security and are also the most revered professionals in an organization. The perks of being a security professional are endless. 
  • Being a security professional is rewarding in so many ways. Not only the professionals are able to get higher pay grades but at the same time, they enjoy ample recognition in their workplace and beyond. 

Job prospects and profiles associated with the CISSP certification

After taking the certified information systems security professional training and certification the certified candidates are able to get into the most rewarding fields. The great career-advancing opportunities can be taken after doing the cyber security certifications that allow individuals a scope to get into the following roles:

  • Security consultation
  • Security analysis
  • Security management
  • Security system engineering 
  • Security auditing
  • Director of security
  • Chief information security management
  • IT management 
  • IT direction 
  • Network architecture 
  • Security Architecture


The Certified professionals are able to get past the knowledge barrier and hence they acquire the right career in the system security management. The field of information security is vast and wide and therefore there are several roles that a CISSP certified professional can fit into. Moreover, the salaries offered to the CISSP certified candidates are way more than the non-certified ones. CISSP certification paves way for better understanding of the monumental concepts related to system and information security. There is no dearth of opportunities for a Cyber security professional who is certified with the CISSP qualification owing to the fact that the credential is globally accepted and stands as a benchmark for the security industry as well as for the security professionals. Get qualified with the CISSP certification and stand a chance to derive all the benefits that the certification has to offer.

Training option to ace the CISSP certification

The CISSP certification is regarded as the most challenging security certification because it is globally recognized and therefore has a status to maintain. The security professionals are able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills that are required in the safeguarding process to shield systems and information from thrift and breeches. 

If you are interested in being a part of an exciting and challenging security career then you can enroll for the certified information systems security professional training courses offered across various platforms. The professionals are able to learn the execution of system security. Through the CISSP certification training, the candidates are able to gain expertise in handling computer security along with the accumulation of a standardized quantum of knowledge. The CISSP training allows a comprehensive insight into the management principles along with the security theory which further advances the skills and knowledge of the candidates who are aiming to grab the CISSP credential.

In a Nutshell

If you would like to be a part of a community of the certified networking security professionals then taking the CISSP certification would not only be beneficial for your work profile but it also provides ample exposure that can lead to your overall development as a security professional. It will pen up many connections for you that can provide multiple career-enhancing opportunities that are going to change the way you work for good. Since the Certified information system security professional (CISSP) certification is a globally recognized and acknowledged credential, it offers great career advancement opportunities that can provide the desired growth as you are entitled to receive access to the exclusive and elite club. Not only this but you will also enjoy unrestricted access to a universal spectrum of information resources, peer networking, educational tools and resources along with enterprises and industries. The recruiters’ radar constantly hovers over the CISSP certified candidates so this way if you have a CISSP credential to your name, your employability rate will skyrocket with unmatchable speed. Moreover, the CISSP certification also comes jam-packed with well-paid salaries. All these and much more make CISSP a truly sought-after certification as far as information and networking security is concerned.

If you are planning to take your security career on a high gear, then taking the CISSP certification will take you one step closer to achieving the best of the best. Get started by enrolling in the CISSP certification training online and give wings to your security career.