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Lean Six Sigma practice helped Chattanooga City to save $85000


Officials in Chattanooga, one of the 4th most populous city in The Volunteer State, were looking forward to remove city waste and simultaneously to improve services too, and that is when Lean Six Sigma comes into picture.>

Peak Academy implements various strategy and practices mentioned in Lean Six Sigma that enabled employees to identify and eliminate wasteful practices which does not sum up to any customer’s benefit. It’s completely volunteer, with no additional expense to the city.

More than 100 employees have undergone the training resulting which the city already has encountered a huge saving of $85,000. This program has also started to earn revenue as individuals who are outside the city happens to develop interest in the same and they are expressing a lot interested to pay to take Peak Academy courses. That includes employees from organizations like Tennessee Valley Authority and United Way of Chattanooga as well.