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Learningua announces the Event for CISSP Programs the month of July


Learningua conducted a workshop in the second week of July, 2018 centered around its course ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).’ The attendees’ presence was highly appreciated and their desire for learning and rising on to higher summits was recognized. The workshop’s total duration was 40 hours. It was conducted for 8 days on Fall weekends. There were 5 hours long sessions on each day of the workshop.

The purpose of the event was to distribute information and spread awareness about the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) being offered by Learningua. The attendees of the event were shown presentations on the functioning and setup of IT cybersecurity and how to design rock-solid safe applications and performant systems in the industrial practical field. The different concepts of the certification program’s curriculum were touched upon, such as how to design and implement scalable fault-tolerant systems that are also insured against penetration attacks. They were also given talks by industry experts on how to manage time, assets, and risks.

The plus points of the certification programs were thoroughly covered and discussed. The certification course ‘Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) ’ certification and training program has a position among online educational courses for software professionals as one of the most rewarding and outstanding industrial courses with a low investment and very high dividends. This course enhances and improves the skillset required for cybersecurity-driven projects according to the modern guidelines of IT security experts and offers a very valuable professional certification for management practitioners. It aids in the design, framing, and management of the overall security structure of an organization.

Facilitating and delivering world-class quality training to professionals globally is one of the core objectives of Learningua. It is one of the most recognized and proven deliverer of professional education and upskilling in the field of IT, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management etc.

Venue : Riverside Center, 275 Grove Street,
Suite 2-400, Newton, Massachusetts,
02466, United States of America

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Contact phone number : +1-888-259-1905